Deering D-6, Deluxe Guitar-Banjo ~ used
Serial #12307907L426
Perfect for guitar players, this banjo is tuned like a guitar (E,A,D,G,B,E).  The D-6 is a professional banjo with the full rim and tone ring design of a bluegrass banjo and as a result has more volume and sustain than other guitar-banjos. It will fill the room with great music with a light touch of your fingers or flat pick!
You can relax using light touch and get a much more vibrant and responsive tone playing the D-6 with considerably less effort than you use in playing a standard acoustic guitar. Guitar players have nothing more to learn, just play your favorite songs because it's a guitar that sounds like a banjo. The sweet sounding 6-String Deluxe is one of the best banjo values available anywhere. Built with Deering's genuine -06- bell bronze tone ring, three ply violin grade maple rim, and one piece, cast, zinc resonator flange, this Deluxe is as easy to play as it is beautiful.
This instrument was purchased from Mountain Music on June 11th, 2009.  It has had very limited use and is in Mint condition.  It comes with the original Hard Shell Case and a custom leather strap.  The current list price for this model is $3,659.00 ~ we are asking $2,199.00. For more information contact:
Mr. Frank Delorier
14 Popple Way
Newport, New Hampshire 03773
phone #603-558-0498