Pick it in the parlor, in the park, or any where you go…Deering’s new Goodtime Parlor banjo is light weight and made with a shorter scale to meet a variety of needs for today’s banjo players! Introduced at the industry’s major show in Anaheim recently, the model was very well received by dealers, artists, and other attendees.  Reminiscent of the shorter scale banjos that were popular in the 1890’s, the Goodtime Parlor banjo is a 19 fret, 5-string rock maple banjo that weighs only 4 pounds in the openback version.  Created with a traditional fiddle style peghead bearing a Goodtime logo, this bright, sparkling banjo has good tone and projection despite its smaller size.  The banjo comes standard with a three-ply maple rim, a geared 5th string peg, adjustable tailpiece, and the new sealed, geared, nickel plated tuners.  The overall length of the openback banjo is 33¼". Deering Banjos is offering the Parlor Goodtime banjo at no increase in price from the 22-fret models.  The openback retails for $499 and is available now at Mountain Music. (315)369-6869
Tuned to an open G, like the 22-fret version Goodtime, the tone of the Parlor Goodtime banjo is slightly brighter due to the shorter scale. The same light gauge strings popular on all Deering banjos are used for the Parlor version so there will be no need to search for special strings to fit the banjo. This shorter scale is ideal for children, traveling, and hiking.

The Goodtime "Parlor" Banjo by Deering
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