Take this "Old-Timey" banjo anywhere! The SS-10P is the perfect banjo to keep in the car, in the office or even attached to your back-pack for that long weekend hike. The sound, and playability will instantly take you back a hundred years with its traditional sound and design. Just one look and you will agree its certain to become a universal favorite.

> Open-back "Old Timey" style banjo.
> 3/8" maple rim.
> Slim fast 17th fret, mahogony neck.
> East Indian rosewood fingerboard.
> M-O-P star and moon peghead inlays.
> Saga script logo on the headstock..
> M-O-P star inlays at the 5th and 12th frets.
> Rolled brass tone ring.
> 4:1 ratio, Golden Gate planetay tuners.
> Geared 5th-string peg.
> Classic "No-Knot" tailpiece.
> Adjustable truss rod.
> Triple nickel-plated hardware.
> Designed for open "C" tuning.

                              MOUNTAIN MUSIC                 Old Forge, NY