"We the people are excited to be a part of history and announce the Fort Stanwix Tax Revolt"
                                       Don Jeror, organizer of the Fort Stanwix Tea Party
Over 1000 citizens gathered at the Fort Stanwix National Monument to express
their concern for the future of our nation.
Don Jeror, Party Organizer being interviewed by Izzie Worthen
Event Program:
  > Frank Graichen ~ Invocation
  > The Pledge ~ Kids
  > National Anthem ~ All
  > Barry Pardee ~ Emcee
  > Ranger Todd ~ Special Forces
  > Frank Coridino ~ Par technology
  > Marty Kelly ~ Patriotic Songs
  > Lou Paratla ~ Plant Mgr, Con Med
  > Gary VanRiper ~ Pastor & Author
  > Billie Stan ~ Wife of Fighter Pilot
  > Tony Tefel ~ Int'l Businessman
April 15th 2009
Rome, New York
Photos by Al Worthen (315) 369-6869