Electronic Tuners:
The SEIKO SAT-100 Guitar Tuner:
The "Bare-Bones" Intellitouch Tuner:
The Intellitouch Tuner w/Case:
The STX1 Clip-on Tuner from SEIKO:

The CP2 "Center Pitch" by Intellitouch:

Great for fiddles!
The MCT-8L "Clip-On" Tuner by Meisel:
The MCT-8L is the smallest, lightest "clip-on" we have seen. Despite its size, it has a bright back-lit LCD display that makes it very easy to read in all conditions and  its accuracy is +/- .5%!  We think this is the nicest little full range chromatic tuner currently available!

      New Price: $24.95!

The SEIKO "Keychain" Chromatic Tuner:
Check out this nifty little chromatic tuner from Seiko.  It's extremely accurate, easy to use with a clear display and it fits in your pocket.  It makes a great gift for that musician who has everything!

Price: $19.95!
Six tuning modes: 5-String Banjo,
Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle,
Resophonic Guitar, and Bass!
1/4" input & built-in mic., reference tone generator,
folding stand, auto power-off function,
sharp/flat tuning allows tuning with a capo on.

BA-40 ~ "The Bluegrass" Tuner
The Intellitouch PT10 "Mini" Tuner
New From
OnBoard Research
           > Small, Compact Size!
           > Large, Easy-To-Read.
           > Multicolor Backlight.
           > Needle Style Pitch Indicator.
           > Elegantly Simple Controls!
           > Weighs fewer than two ounces!

LifeTime Warranty!

         List price: $39.95      Our price: $29.95
The New Intellitouch CT-1 Capo-Tuner:
List $54.95  Our Introductory Price: $39.95

(click photo for information)
The "Snark" SN-5
Guitar, Bass,
Banjo, Mandolin,
& Violin Tuner.

Now for $9.99!