Mountain Music Inventory

Blueridge Guitars:
BR-280A "Prewar Series" Adirondack Top Dreadnought  (Video)
BR-160 "Historic Series"  Dreadnought
BR-5060 John Jorgenson Signature Model  (Video)
BR-40 Dreadnought Guitar
BR-40-LE Limited Edition Dreadounght
BR-60 Dreadnought Guitar
BR-60LE Limited Ed Dreadnought
BR-60-E"Contemporary Series" Acoustic-Electric Dreadnought
BR-343 "Gospel" Guitar  (see photo)
BR-341 Parlor Guitar (Video)
BG-40-E Slope Shoulder Acoustic-Electric Dreadnought (see info)
BG-140 Slope Shoulder Dreadnought  (see info)
BG-1500E Super Jumbo Acoustic-Electric (see info)

Takamine Guitars:
Jasmine Guitars by Takamine  (see infoGREAT VALUES!
JC-23 Nat Classical Guitar  (see info)
TG0080THX The Grand Ole Opry 80th Anniversary Guitar (see photo)

Other Guitars:
J.Reynolds 3/4 size Acoustic Guitar (see photos)
Accent Steel String Folk Guitar by Saga (see photo)
Recording King RP-06 Parlor Guitar  (see photos)

5-String & Tenor Banjos:
Revival Open-Back 5-String Banjos  (see photos)
Deering Goodtime Open-Back Banjo
Deering Goodtime Acoustic-Electric Goodtime Banjo (Red)
Deering Goodtime Concert Banjo-Uke
Deering GoodtimeTenor Banjo-Uke
Deering Goodtime "Special" open-back
Deering Goodtime "Special" Resonator Model (see photo)
Deering Goodtime "Solana" 6-String Guitar Banjo (see video)
Deering  Goodtime "Classic" II Resonator Model 19-fret Tenor  (see info)
Deering Goodtime "Artisan" Parlor Banjo
Deering "Boston" Long-Neck Folk Banjo
Deering "Golden Wreath"
Deering "Golden Era" Banjo   (see photo)
Deering "Golden Classic" Gold Plated  (see photo)
Deering "Grand Ole Opry" Limited Edition Banjo (info)
Tenbrooks "Legacy" by Deering
V ega "LittleWonder" Open-Back
Vega "Bluegrass Wonder" Resonator Model  (see photo)
Vega "Bluegrass Senator" w/resonator (see photos)
Vega "Professional" Gold Plated, 19 fret Tenor  (see photos)
Vega "Dragon Star" Open-Back Tu-ba-phone! (see photo)
Recording King RK-R36-BR "The Madison" Banjo (see photos)
Recording King RK-R82 Gold Plated "Professional"
Recording King RK-R87 Gold Plated "Soloist"
Recording King Sonny Osborne "Scout"  (info)
FHB-280 Bluegrass Banjo from Saga
FHB-285 Bluegrass Banjo from Saga
FHB-300 Bluegrass Banjo from Saga
FHB-300A Archtop Banjo from Saga
        The Gold Star GF-85 Reissue  (info)
The Gold Star GF-300FE Gold Plated Banjo (photos)
The GF-100-W  Reissue "Wreath"  Flathead Banjo
Saga SS-10P Travel Banjo  (see info)
The CC-50 Open-Back Banjo  (see info)
The "CC-OT"  Old Time Open-Back
The "CC-100+" Open-Back with a Vintage Brown Finish
The BC-350 Bob Carlin Signature Model (see info)
The BT-2000 "Banjtar" 6-String Guitar Banjo by Gold Tone (see info)
The "Orange Blossom" OB-250 by Gold Tone
The "OB-250+ TP" with a Tony Pass Rim & JLS#12 Tone Ring
Morgan Monroe "Matterhorn Banjo" is back! (see photo)
Morgan Monroe MFB-5DX "The Cascade"  (see photo)
Morgan Monroe MFB-2DX "The Olympus"
Huber "Lancaster" Truetone Original series (info)

Kentucky KM-5000  Bill Monroe 100th Anniversary Model  (see info>)
Mando-Guitar "A" Style Mandolin by Gold Tone (see info)

Bass Guitars:
Austin AU855TS 5-String Electric Bass

Morgan Monroe "New Vintage Tradition" Guitars:
M-00-TBV "Blues 32"
M-15/V Dreadnought with solid mahogany back & sides.
M-25-CE/D Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Dreadnought

Electric Guitars:
AU855TS Eclpse Standard 5-String Electric Bass (see photo)
Fender StarcasterStrat Guitars

Amps & Sound Equipment:
TranZamp G-30 Electric Guitar Amp from Genz Benz
Shenandoah "SHEN-200" by Genz-Benz  (see info)
TranZamp B-15 Bass Amp by Genz-Benz
Shure PG-58 Mic
Shure SM-57 Mic

All of the instruments listed here are new unless indicated otherwise.
The inventory is updated on a regular basis and should be current.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of
the above listed instruments currently in stock in our store.
Unfortunately, we cannot provide mail-order service for any instruments.
Albert W. Worthen Jr.

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